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Pack Features

This pack included a lot of characters and animations. Here are the details:

  • 5 Fully animation classed characters
    • Sword : 20 animations
    • Shield : 20 animations
    • Spear : 18 animations
    • Archer : 17 animations
    • Mage : 17 animations
  • 2 Special Characters
    • Hero: can use all animation so he has 92 animations
    • Captain: can use all animation, just can not use Mage animation so he has 75 animations.
  • 7 Character came with 3 different hand-crafted color schemes
  • Ability effect animations for Mage
  • Arrows animations for Archer
  • Included Sprite Sheets and PNG files which can easy to import to any engine.
  • Pixel size 32x32.

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Every purchase is Great support! 

Making this quality asset requires a lot of time and effort! However, we love this and want to do more and more to bring more choice, more helpful to indie game developers to get game assets with small budgets.  

What you can :

- Use this asset on your game and sell your game. Credits are welcome but not required!

What you can not :

- Resell the asset. Or edit then resell the asset!


Get this asset pack and 4 more for $31.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
30% Off
$15.00 $10.50 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

pack_loreon_char 1.0.zip 12 MB

Development log


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I dont usually comment on products I purchase but please organize the sprite atlas so that its easier to cut in a grid pattern because thats how game engines usually cut sprites and the resolutions are not consistent so it becomes a guessing game if I got it right or not I hope the other packs arent like this and I am not risking money to find out :c

Do you do commission work? I have a special request for you to add clothes to a series of sprites.

I dont take commission work. Quite busy on projects.

Someone is selling your sprites !


Thank you! I'm reporting them.

I have reported it too ;)


Very good work! I love it!!!

Damn so sad there is no *block* animation :'(

Hello, here is a project that that I did with some of your assets: https://gabriel-bernabeu.itch.io/carnage
I hope you'll like it!

Will you please add a transition animation from Idle 1 to Idle 4 on hero sword character?

is there a way to commision you to add some more animation

Great assets! Wanted to buy this but I see you only accept PayPal as payment method. PayPal is blocked in my country, is there any chance you can accept card payment? I'm looking to buy this if you do.

Hi! Really love your art style. I wonder if you plan to do more like this? If you don't have something in mind I think Asian style with Samurai or even modernized style of this pack would be awesome.

Great pack. Unfortunately it looks like everything in sprites/hero/hero_mage/hero_mage_2 is blank and the corresponding sprite sheet appears to have a different character. Please fix. Thanks.

Thank you for your feedback. Let me check and do a fix if I see it!

Hi sanctumpixel, I also experienced this issue. Have you had a chance to fix it yet? Thank you so much for the great art!

Hello, I made my game and I use 3 of your asset packages in it, I left you credits in the game, I will continue buying more of your art, greetings.


Congrats on your game! And thank you for support me! I hope your game will doing great!

Deleted 2 years ago

I bought your pack by the way, I can't wait to show your art off in my game.

Hi, I just get back to work! The music is free music from youtube which avaiable for anyone to use. 

Thank you for purchased! I hope your game is going great!

Do you know what the name of the song is? I thought I could find the name from the video info but I can't find any information about that.

I can't access to the channel anymore so I can't find the name. Sad.

Hello, I just bought this package of assets and I wanted to buy another of your packages, but when trying to make the payment I realized that this package of assets was double charged, could you help me? or where do I request a refund for one of the packages?

No worry. I will check and refund when I get to my computer. Thank you for purchased!

Thank you very much! the email with which I made the payment is this: elizabethvidal234@gmail.com


Thanks!! :D

I love this asset. Can I resize and remix this asset to change the height of each character to 40px tall to fit my commercial project? Does this allowed under your license?

oops! I missed your comment. You are free to edit/improve asset to fit your needs!


hero/hero_mage/hero_mage_2/ all sprites are empty, please fix

Yes, Let me check the issue and fix it.

Didn't proceed with purchase as outstanding balance was blank on PayPal. Can you look into this? Tks


oops. Let me take a look at this!


Hi, I just tried and it looks the process normally. Maybe the problem with itch.io or PayPal. Could you send me an email to pixelart8889@gmail.com so I can help you with paying?

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello, can you add an attack while walking animation?

Good pack otherwise, worth the money

Thanks for interesting! Currently, I don't have the plan to add more animations as it already has nearly 100 unique animations. 

I could make the next asset pack that has many extra animations like moving-attack, jump-attack ... but I'm still not planning yet as I afraid not many people want to use it. 


Purchased, now you have new follower :). I didn't had any problems with those sprite sheets in Unity. Great work! Looking forward for new uploads :)

Thank you for purchased and following! I'm glad its work for you. Would love to see your next game with Unity! 


good asset!

Thank you! :)


It's awesome, purchased, start following you.

Thank you so much!


This is amazing! I'm too busy to use this characters now, but I will make a game with them for sure!! Keep up the great work :D


Thank you for liking it! I'll releasing more characters and enemies. Stay updated! 
I also just put an enemy concept on development log. you may interesting on them!


Wow! These look amazing!

Thank you! 


Hey, what did I find ~! Purchased, looking forward to your enemy characters

Thank you for purchased! I'll update enemy sketch  soon!

I just put an enemy concept on development log. you may interesting on them!

Can update a giant sword attack

Hi, Currently I dont have plan yet. However when I release another character pack with a giant sword , I'll update the giant sword for this pack!