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Used this badass as a boss in a game I'm making. Great work, I really love your "grim" fantasy characters like the Skeleton King and the Angel


Amazing asset, I would love if there was an animation from him sitting in the throne to standing up. Keep up the excellent work!

Bought this pack. Thank you! I just wished it had an animation in the throne from sitting to standing.

Thank for purchased. I will consider this addon animation.

Thanks for your great work. I am developing a game using your sprites. Here is the free demo:

Your game are great! Congrats! You should make more level and more ACT!

excuse me ,But can you help me make it into sprite sheet please

i already buy it but i cannot use it in pixel maker MV if there are seperated

or if you know how to use it please tell me 

thanks so much

Hey sorry for late reply. I was busy on next projects and missed your comment. I'm going to make full sheet for all characters so there will be update.

Wonderful, thanks for the release and the comment letting me know :D. You have done amazing on this one, many animations to work with and I am loving the color types! You made exactly how many I wanted for a fellowship of ancient exiled kings :D. Hes a beautiful imposing stack of pixels. Keep up the great work, looking forward to your next one.


Thank you for comment! The next asset will be environment. Good luck with your project! 


This is amazing! Nice job!


Thank you!