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Could you attach the source files?

Great work!

You are so talented!

Hi awesome again awesome dragon, I am starting to use it in my project, but have a problem with the animations. I want the dragon to fly in, and then land, but there are no animations from normal flying to landing.  Only animation from flying to landing is if the dragon is in vertical position. I think it could really use a normal flying to land animation.

Yeah. Since the vertical position is primary and connects between all fly animation so the dragon needs to switch back to vertical before landing which is normal. 

Ok I may have asked in a confusing way. My question is, how do I connect the flying horizontal animation with any of the other flying animations? There doesn't seem to me to be any links to transition between flying horizontal to any of the verticals.

Hi just bought the dragon, it looks amazing. I am looking forward to see the new fire effect you mentioned you were working on.

Thank you for purchased! Im working on several projects and will make that fire effect too

Awesome:) Looking forward to that and also seeing your other projects.

You are extremely talented!

Thank you for your kind words!

Very good! Please make a centaur that stomps (front feet) the ground and create fissure.

Great asset! I hope you continue to produce quality art like this.

Thank you! I'm working on many game asset like this one. Stay updated!

muy bueno! felicitaciones!!!