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Hi, will there be bigger discount like -%50 on Winter sale ? , i'm planning to buy a set of assets it can be so good for me 

Sorry I missed your commennt! There are no bigger discount than this one at the momment.

This is a wonderful set - all the poses read nice and clear. The only critique I would have is a howling animation would be nice. 

Thank you for suggestion. I want to focus on action animation because it will useful and easy to fit many people's need!

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Finally! A pack with non human characters with full set of animations INCLUDING a jump! yay!!
What's the License for this? Can you add license information to the product page / description?

The license is on the bottom of the post. Thank you!

just to confirm - would I be allowed to modify the spritesheets and use them in my game?

Yeah, you are free to edit it and use on your game.

Currently, It does not have spritesheet. I planned to add it but it will take a while.

Alright. Thanks

i cant believe such nice thing have 0 comments. it is beautiful ! if i ever make a game it fits to i definitely will buy !

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Thank you! They don't comment but they buy and use it which make me happy XD