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I have purchased your asset, is there an aseprite version?

Great pixel art characters!! love your work!

Why is the spear thrower attacking in melee when he is supposed to throw his spears?


Pretty good job on most of your packs, including this one. I'm planning on getting the bundle sometime before it runs out.

I do have a few points of 'critique' though, which apply to most of your packs:

  • Idle animations on most characters have the torso 'sliding' up and down the spine, the legs don't move at all.
  • Run animations on most characters have one or two parts of their body 'glued' in place, like the axe guy in this pack runs without moving the axe at all.
  • Same for attack animations (in some cases only one arm is moving while the rest of the body is frozen)
  • All smears and impact streaks are 1 frame, which means they too feel like there's no fluidity or proper follow through to any of the attacks.

Is this an artistic choice or do you not feel comfortable with that level of fluidity and detail yet? It makes me a bit sad because, if the animations for these packs were a bit more fluid and detailed, I think your sets could be one of the best on itch as they are very usable for complete games, have quite a bit of variety and fit well together.

So I do actually like the packs and hope you keep up the good work. :) Hope the criticism doesn't come across as too harsh.

Love your work as always. Robust animations and bonus colors. 👏👏


Thank you for your support! I always like to make bonus colors which will make more choice for game creator as well as easier to fit the game environment.