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Thank you so much for this asset pack, used it as one of the enemy characters. I especially enjoyed the reborn animation.

Here is a link to the game if somebody wants to look:

am i allowed to use this for my game but still credit yo

it says:

What you can :

- Use this asset on your game and sell your game. Credits are welcome but not required!

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hi, i would really like to pay you those $2, but i don't have a paypal account.. how else could I do that?

Hello, use these assets for a free game.

You can play it in this link:

or see the video in this other link:

Thank you very much for your great assets =)

Can we also edit (colors, additional parts, different weapon, etc.) the asset to fit our game?


yes you can

Hi sanctumpixel, this is a great asset thank you.

However could you make the attack animations (100x65) the same size as the others (50x48). Thanks

If this isn't possible then don't worry. Your animations are fantastic and I'm thinking of buying some others.

Thank you for understand! 

We have 2 different size for this pack. You may need to change the origin point. It's simple on Game Maker Studio but I'm not sure on other engine. 

On newer packs, we will use only one size to reduce the complex. 


I have plan to make the same frame size for all character so there will be update!

Excellent stuff!


Is this free for commercial use as well? Amazing work by the way.

Yes, you an use for commercial use as well.