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Spritesheets would be great or even better if every frame was the same size no matter what animation. It's a pain in the a** to center the sprites.


Hi, can you add to demon and skeleton sprite_sheet?

I don't support the sprite sheet right now as I realize separate sprites files are easier to be imported.
Why you need a sprite sheet anyway? which game engine you are using?  I have experienced with unity and Game Maker 


I'm using Unity. Sprite sheets make sure the sprites are centered each frame. Although I really like your assets, I have to manually center each different animation because they all have different center points - which wastes a lot of time. Providing sprite sheets would help a lot and it would just be more organized in general. I appreciate your work though - keep it up.

I agree, great artwork. Difficult to use.

Any update on that? I don't want to center every sprite by hand :/

sprite dimensions?

the sprite dimensions are around 32px.

Thank you for your quick answer!

some time ago I was in dire need of enemies and nowadays everyone is releasing enemies that would fit the game I'm making hahaha. Do you have more packs planned?

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Yeah, I planned to make more packs. It could be great so you have more choices for enemies! Good luck with your game!

Cool stuff!

Thank you! <3