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Paypal is not allowed in my country, can you add any other options to pay?

So, baby dragon never walk. Must be exhausting ^^ Nice pack! Would you consider creating a walking animation some day?

Stay crunchy.

Do you do any custom work? Loved your work

Thank you! Currently,I dont do custom work.

are these only side scrolling assets?

Yes! all of my assets are side scrolling.


Thank you!

A couple of days ago I joked with my gf that I should have a baby dragon in my game, she loved the idea and and was very disappointed when I told her it would take too much time. And then I see this excellent release:P well sigh take my money:)

Haha. It came just in the right time! The big dragon is coming too!

Hey, looks so nice. For the mature dragon pack I would love to see some walk animation, would be so cool. 

Thanks! It will have ground walking, ground attack and landing  as well!

Nice. :D