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I am using this asset in my game Calturin, you can try out the demo at where the last boss in the demo is this one.

The purchase is only available with PayPal, con you enable credit card  option please?

The payment gate was chosen by the owner so there is no alter option. You can create a new PayPal and use it pay which will take you a few minutes.


I feel like the idling animation with wings flapping needs a few more keyframes for the wings, the wings movement doesn't look smooth, but rather clunky. Rest of the pack is really great though, and I am very close to buying it and implementing it in my game.

I am inclined to agree. The wing flapping does look just a little clunky, but I think the thing that bothers my eyes the most is that it feels like the character is attached to the wings by elastic. The "knuckle" of the wing has just a little too much vertical movement compared to the character. If these things were fixed, I would buy this in a heartbeat.


Great stuff! I'm making my first unity game using this and your other packs. I'll link it to you If I manage to finish it in the future. You got yourself a new follower

Thank you for purchased! I hope your game is going great!